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China Cordless Hair Clipper with LCD Monitor is one kind of products from PULIS factory. As the one of leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we provide customized products. We can sell them at a cheap price and can be customized. We can also support wholesale. We sincerely look forward to becoming your reliable long-term business partner!

Hot Products

  • All Metal Hair Clipper

    All Metal Hair Clipper

    Introducing the BES All Metal Hair Clipper, a testament to durability and style. As your trusted supplier, we proudly offer this precision-crafted grooming tool that boasts an all-metal construction for long-lasting performance. Whether you're a professional barber or an individual seeking a reliable hair clipping solution, our All Metal Hair Clipper delivers unmatched quality and precision. Elevate your grooming experience with BES, where innovation meets excellence.
  • Professional Hair Clipper with 360 stand

    Professional Hair Clipper with 360 stand

    Experience the epitome of grooming excellence with the BES Professional Hair Clipper with 360 stand, proudly crafted by our expert factory. Our hair clipper is meticulously engineered to meet the demands of professionals and discerning individuals alike. Featuring a 360-degree stand, it offers unparalleled versatility and precision in every grooming session. BES, as a trusted manufacturer, is committed to delivering top-tier grooming tools that combine functionality and durability.
  • All Metal Hair Trimmer

    All Metal Hair Trimmer

    All Metal Hair Beard Trimmer for men BES is renowned for its expertise in crafting All Metal Hair Trimmers with an integrated LED Display, delivering unparalleled performance and unwavering reliability. The solid metal construction guarantees durability and extended lifespan, rendering this trimmer perfect for both professional salon use and personal grooming needs.
  • Professional Hair Clipper for Men

    Professional Hair Clipper for Men

    BES manufacturers specialize in producing Professional Hair Clipper for Men, designed with advanced features and precision cutting capabilities. BES prioritize the use of quality materials and cutting-edge technology to ensure durability and optimal performance.
  • Waterproof Hair Clipper

    Waterproof Hair Clipper

    Experience innovation and versatility in grooming with the BES Waterproof Hair Clipper, proudly manufactured by us. Our hair clipper is designed for the modern individual who values both precision and convenience in their grooming routine. With a waterproof design, it can be used in the shower or easily cleaned under running water, ensuring easy maintenance. BES, as a trusted manufacturer, brings you top-quality grooming tools that are built to withstand the rigors of daily use. Elevate your grooming experience with the reliability and water-resistant performance of the BES Waterproof Hair Clipper.
  • clipper with stand

    clipper with stand

    Introducing the clipper with stand with Stand by BES - the perfect tool for achieving a professional-looking haircut from the comfort of your own home. This premium hair clipper is equipped with high-quality blades that effortlessly glide through hair, ensuring a smooth and precise cut every time.

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