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Techniques And Methods For The Use Of Electric Push Shears


When performing a haircut for men, two primary techniques are commonly employed: the push-cut and the rolling cut.

The rolling and shearing process constitutes the initial step in crafting a men's hairstyle. It encompasses two fundamental stages: rolling and shearing. Utilizing techniques involving rolling knives and scissors, the hair is precisely cut and shaped to achieve the desired length, contour, and layered texture, ensuring it aligns with the desired hairstyle.

The rolling shear technique plays a pivotal role in determining the shape of short hairstyles for individuals with straight hair. It also holds significance in shaping and styling straight hair into various desired looks. Typically, during the rolling and shearing process, a preliminary outline is created using a rolling knife, followed by meticulous detailing with scissors to refine and perfect the overall contour. In some cases, the entire rolling operation can also be accomplished using scissors alone.

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