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What Should I Pay Attention to when Buying a Baby Hairdresser?


When buying a baby's hairdresser, you should first consider the mute function, because most of the time when the baby is having a haircut, it will resist, and it will affect the baby's haircut if he is very active and occasionally crying. Therefore, it is a good time to give him a haircut when the baby is asleep. The mute hairdresser is not easy to disturb children, so choose the one with low mute function.

Second, choose ceramic cutter head

The stainless steel cutter head will rust after being used for a long time. It is not recommended to use it. The ceramic cutter head is sanitary and fragile. Take it lightly. The cutter head with R angle is more secure.

Third, it is necessary to have the hair suction function. A hairdresser without the hair suction function is easy to fall off the child's body and itch, especially prick. The child's skin is tender, and it is easy to be allergic to itching. Babies usually don't wear a scarf, nor do they sit there and let you take care of them, so they suck their hair

Function is particularly critical.

Fourth, it must have waterproof function. Good waterproof experience is better. IPX7 waterproof is the best.

Finally, it is better to have both charging and plugging. When using this way, you can use it immediately without charging, and you don't have to wait for it in any scenario.

After knowing this, go online and compare these factors one by one, and you can choose the hairdresser suitable for your baby.

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